Dec 15, 2009

Other crafty stuff to try out...

As I've surfed online to find a site that help me sort the baggy mess I've made with a bag, I found a few that I thought were pretty inspiring so listed them here for future reference.

3D Snowflake:

Turning coat Bag:

Quilted Cards:

And a long list from a blogger on other stuff to try n make:

That's for now, peeps.

Dec 10, 2009

A Variety of Great Tutorial sites

Just thought I'd post the links to many sites that I thought included well written/shown tutorials for sewing projects, may it be clothes or decorations.

Pillowcase Dress:
It is revised tutorial which I am really glad as it make it so simple enough to make. Will make some for my girl and her girlfriends. Might dig up some in my linen cupboard and the op-shops. Should be fun!

Easy Kids Pants:
Super easy! I could not believe how simple it is, so am off to make some for my boys very soon! Poor them, heh!

Scalloped Fabric Garland:
Another word for bunting! So cute that I am going to make similar for my girl and nieces next year!

Fat Quarter Handbag:
So many bags, not enough arms! I haven't ventured out from soft fabric handles for bags, so this may be my first attempt.

Happy Smocket:
I want to try this smocket one day for myself with buttons of course, heh. Just a note, I've had trouble printing off the PDF file.

Cute Fabric Flowers:
Thinks it could go down well as something to make for fetes and mothers day, as well as imprompt flowers for friends?

Modifying Pants Patterns for kids:
Not a bad tips on how to fix pants.

Classic Tote bag:
Including how to do the French Seams. Looks strudy and simple. I think I would put the pocket inside the bag so I can put wallet/key in them rather than out on front where it could fall out.

Reusable Snack/Lunch Bag:
I had to order some from USA but here's the tutorial so will see if it will be good. Verdict coming for this site though, I love its main blog.

That's for tonite, people!