Nov 26, 2009

Xmas sewing projects

Here it is, some of the xmas sewing projects:

Bunting - I made two sets of buntings for myself and someone else who ordered some.

After getting this pattern from , I made several - so easy!

But being me, I decided to make some modifications, so here's the latest now!

Am off to do more sewings now...

Nov 23, 2009

To win the lamp?

As the part of the conditions for the Give-away competition for lamp, I am to mention it in here. So here it is, the lamp I really like and wanted to have for my formal lounge/guest bedroom:

Isn't it gorgeous! I've got an orange coloured wall and several aboriginal paintings in the room including a turtle, so this lamp will fit in very well.

I actually love all the Baymark - Tiffany lamps in that website - especially the butterfly and woman... sighs... when I win a huge sum of money, the site will be the first one to check and collect lamps. Now that made me wondering... is there anyone who collects lamps?? Heh...

Anyway, here's the RomiJade's blog:

Cheers till later!

Nov 19, 2009

Sew Clucky!

Here's the first posting of Sew Clucky - So Lucky?

It is my blog of all the sewing and craft projects I work on.

This comes up when I realised I was looking for a really cool magazine that covers all fun sewing projects for me and there's not one out there (at least in my local newsagent!). So this is my attempt of creating similar style - showing my projects, pluck out others' cool projects and tutorials, etc.

Let's hope it will be fun!