Feb 13, 2010

Mid Feb already...

... and I haven't done a stitch yet!

My 'baby' started Kindy 2 weeks ago, so it has been quite hectic - getting three kids ready for school every morning, getting house back in order, doing numerous errands, etc. But this is not what you're here for, right?

At the moment I am trying to decide which sewing project I would like to try this week:

- From the 2010 Sewing Challenge - something to do with knit. I do need to try this one out as I have some kind of fear with sewing knit!!

- Something from "The Boy" month - I really wanted to try and sew most of the ideas from the site for my two boys. Bags, pants, bowties... See what troubles I have atm? lol..

- Finish off three quilts (they've been "WIP" for about 4 years now!! Long overdue to be done and given...

- Or make a dress/skirt for myself

Ah well... I will report in mid-week with what I've decided and work on this week then.

I also hope to post here another list of all other great blogs, websites and books I've seen and think they're cool.

Till later, peeps!