Jan 31, 2010

Done the First Month of 12 Challenge... Yah...

You see, I have a big pile of my clothes that needed to be mended, adjusted or added (they've been sitting in box for 2 years, shameful I know...). And I've done it all - even adding something to the bodice of my new dress. However, they're not newsworthy for this posting.

The one that is... My own bag, yea yea, another bag, but this one means 'I AM ON MY OWN' bag! You get it? Know the feeling of going anywhere without kids in tow and carrying a bag big enough to fit the house and contents, just in case...

I've had kids around me for 11 years, since my first baby was born. And tomorrow my third baby's starting school...

Imagine vast space, no interruptions, no pleadings, no asking for food every 15 mins, no cleaning up or picking up after, no little 'oops' accidents, plenty of food and drink all just for me, sit down anytime I'd like, read uninterrupted, go for a stroll with dogs without anyone slowing us down...

Sighs... is it really happening?

Of course, the novetly will wear off and I'll pine away for my 'in-the-face' kids, but meanwhile, I am gonna enjoy my 'kid-free' year this year and what's the best way to start that?

This gorgeous bag (pattern from: http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/media/blog/SMSAprilBags.pdf)

(pls excuse bad photo - will take another photo tmw in sun)

Inside the bag, I added two pockets, for my mob and keys - I hate rumbling inside the bag.

Being an overachiever, I had to make two, so here's another bag of same pattern. I am giving this to my old friend as a gift.

Cheers till later, peeps!

Jan 29, 2010

A cool site to check out...

A Bag Lover - a fun site to check for free patterns/tutorials on bags - purses, baskets, bags, totes, etc...

DIY Bag Lover

Cheers till later, peeps!

Jan 28, 2010

2010 Sewing Calendar Challenges has Begun!

I've just managed to do the first one! My excuse is the school holidays - kids have gone back to school yesterday and my "baby" will start Kindy next Monday then I will have all the space, time and attention to sewing and gardening. I cannot think of anything much more fun than this! ;)

Anyhow, here's my answer to the first challenge from the calendar:

I think I will be giving it to a good home soon. It was fairly easy to do, however I'd use the iron-on pellon to make it easier and quick to finish. I didn't 'quilt' it the same way as the instructions asked cos I think it was abit of waste of thread. I did only three quilting lines for each coaster. Looks nice anyway.

Cheers till later, peeps!

Latest sewing projects

Ok, I have to keep up with postings here!

Thought I'd start with the dresses I've made for my girl and other girls. I have made the first dress for my girl, but it is AWOL atm so will post when I've found it.

This is the pillowcase dress. I bought two pillowcases in red and converted them into dresses - had a ball doing it. My girl designed the front but I had to scale it down to simple design as shown and she loved it.

This dress was for her friend.

And this is my girl, being sassy as usual! Note the different colours in ribbons for top. Both girls are quite skinny so added elastic at the back to gather and give shape to the dress. They like it. The flowers were created with the Clover's Fabric Yo-Yo Flowers Maker tool - quite easy!


This was the latest dress I've been making. I made two dresses out of this pattern from Sew Sensible's Bontique Dress Top (there's bottoms but I havent started on it yet).

It was easy pattern to work with but I am not exactly thrilled how the back sit on the bottom. So there may be some tweaking then in next dress making, me thinks...

My niece got her first homemade dress from me and she loves it. Modelled here for me before she went home after 5 days stay with us. Lucky girl! My girl got hers but with forest green fabric with same main fabric.


Cheers till later, peeps!

Jan 11, 2010

Another Challenge to meet!

Am I crazy - I must be... I am blaming the horrible summer weather for this ;)

Anyway, thought it would be fun to join this challenge as it could means I would get some feedback and help from others who are into this challenge too.

Now I am thinking of making myself a skirt or dress - will decide next week anyway. I have both fabric and patterns at hand!

Check the site out if you'd like to join:

"2010 - 12 Months - 12 Sewing Challenges"

See the sidebar for the pic of this challenge.

I am listing the 12 sewing challenges here for those who can't be bothered to shift to other site!

2010 List of Challenges!

  • January - Something for me
  • Feburary- Something in Knit fabric
  • March- a softie!
  • April- something lined
  • May- enclosed zip
  • June- something self designed or drafted
  • July- somthing with pleats
  • August- hand embroidery/ smocking
  • September- bag
  • October- refashioned (visit an op shop and create something new)
  • November- Christmas tree
  • December- sharpen your skills
Looks like a good fun?

Cheers till later, peeps!

Jan 3, 2010

2010 Sewing Calendar Challenge

As I've been given this calendar for xmas, I thought it would be a fun challenge to do - make each item as per 'flyer' and post it here...

Time will tell! However the first challenge is coming up - making pinwheel quilted coasters. Great as I have heaps of scraps!

Cheers till later, peeps!

"Antique" clothes and laces

Years ago (probably only 3 or so actually) my MIL gave me a few bagful of 'old stuff' and last weekend I had a ball going through them. Of course I took photos to show what I've inherited! All are most likely to be over 35 years old...

Very old and abit discoloured boys overall - MIL sew this one up, I think (have to check with her!). Sorry, didn't iron any because I need to wash them before ironing them - and I am too afraid to wash them!!! Any advice or tips?

(NOTE: Edited comments are in italics)

My MIL informed me she did make this overall from a pattern for her baby sons. This put those baby outfits to over 40 years old!

Here it is:

Here's the beautiful thick knitted outfit, including panties!

Cap and overalls:

Apparently, the three items (Jacket, Cap and overalls) were knitted by someone from overseas as a gift for MIL's first baby. Her father, who travelled, lost his luggage for 6 months which included those knitted items - hence didn't get much wear. She said it was so finely knitted.

Lovely jacket:

The blue knitted slippers were done by MIL's mother for her baby.

In one of the bags, I found heaps of old laces and buttons! I've just shown the laces - some are adorable and others need to be washed to take yellowing and smell out. Any idea how to do it without ruining the lacy ribbons?

My DD really loves this one and wanted to use it on her dress, but I am not sure how I do it and what is its actual purpose - any idea?

MIL said she had no idea but that she was given this years ago. I've done online search for this and found nothing - would it have been used as 'shawl'? If you ever come across similar, please do let me know.

And I found this cute sunshine dress - unfinished for a toddler, but am going to convert it into a top (with some of laces above) for my DD as it fits her!

MIL informed me that she made this for her daughter but was not able to finish it so it looks like it will finally get to be worn by the intended daughter's niece about 40 years later! How's that for a record of a dress waiting to be worn...

Close up of the print - so brilliant colours!

Cheers till later, peeps!


Last September, I went to a 'local' quilting shop and done a couple of lessons with Monica Poole (she is really a lovely gal!). As for the class project, I chosen one of her bags, "Georgia-May" (http://www.moonshine-designs.com/proddetail.php?prod=MS20) and had fun making it as I've learnt much more from this project along with Monica!




For xmas, my mum gave me a handbag kit to make and it took me a day! The kit included the fabric so I only added pellon and button which is quite easy. The "Keiko" handbag's from http://mellyandme.typepad.com/photos/designs_by_melly_me/m005a.html - I find the pattern quite easy to do, however I think its bottom is just a bit too small to as I could only put in my wallet and my phone in it.




My MIL gave me, what I considered, the most expensive teatowel for xmas and I could not bear using it for the dishes so I got it converted into a bag! Hehe... I just loves it - brilliant colours and the bag feels nice carrying around. I followed no pattern but made it to the dimension of the teatowel which was cut into half and the leftover strips were used as filling for the handles. I used iron-on pellon for the outside fabric because I want to have the teatowel to hold its shape nicely for a long time.

So here's my teatowel bag - front:


So what do you think?

I really enjoy making bags, so I think there will be more coming - hope people like getting them!

Cheers till later, peeps!