Jan 31, 2010

Done the First Month of 12 Challenge... Yah...

You see, I have a big pile of my clothes that needed to be mended, adjusted or added (they've been sitting in box for 2 years, shameful I know...). And I've done it all - even adding something to the bodice of my new dress. However, they're not newsworthy for this posting.

The one that is... My own bag, yea yea, another bag, but this one means 'I AM ON MY OWN' bag! You get it? Know the feeling of going anywhere without kids in tow and carrying a bag big enough to fit the house and contents, just in case...

I've had kids around me for 11 years, since my first baby was born. And tomorrow my third baby's starting school...

Imagine vast space, no interruptions, no pleadings, no asking for food every 15 mins, no cleaning up or picking up after, no little 'oops' accidents, plenty of food and drink all just for me, sit down anytime I'd like, read uninterrupted, go for a stroll with dogs without anyone slowing us down...

Sighs... is it really happening?

Of course, the novetly will wear off and I'll pine away for my 'in-the-face' kids, but meanwhile, I am gonna enjoy my 'kid-free' year this year and what's the best way to start that?

This gorgeous bag (pattern from: http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/media/blog/SMSAprilBags.pdf)

(pls excuse bad photo - will take another photo tmw in sun)

Inside the bag, I added two pockets, for my mob and keys - I hate rumbling inside the bag.

Being an overachiever, I had to make two, so here's another bag of same pattern. I am giving this to my old friend as a gift.

Cheers till later, peeps!

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