Jan 28, 2010

Latest sewing projects

Ok, I have to keep up with postings here!

Thought I'd start with the dresses I've made for my girl and other girls. I have made the first dress for my girl, but it is AWOL atm so will post when I've found it.

This is the pillowcase dress. I bought two pillowcases in red and converted them into dresses - had a ball doing it. My girl designed the front but I had to scale it down to simple design as shown and she loved it.

This dress was for her friend.

And this is my girl, being sassy as usual! Note the different colours in ribbons for top. Both girls are quite skinny so added elastic at the back to gather and give shape to the dress. They like it. The flowers were created with the Clover's Fabric Yo-Yo Flowers Maker tool - quite easy!


This was the latest dress I've been making. I made two dresses out of this pattern from Sew Sensible's Bontique Dress Top (there's bottoms but I havent started on it yet).

It was easy pattern to work with but I am not exactly thrilled how the back sit on the bottom. So there may be some tweaking then in next dress making, me thinks...

My niece got her first homemade dress from me and she loves it. Modelled here for me before she went home after 5 days stay with us. Lucky girl! My girl got hers but with forest green fabric with same main fabric.


Cheers till later, peeps!

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