Jan 11, 2010

Another Challenge to meet!

Am I crazy - I must be... I am blaming the horrible summer weather for this ;)

Anyway, thought it would be fun to join this challenge as it could means I would get some feedback and help from others who are into this challenge too.

Now I am thinking of making myself a skirt or dress - will decide next week anyway. I have both fabric and patterns at hand!

Check the site out if you'd like to join:

"2010 - 12 Months - 12 Sewing Challenges"

See the sidebar for the pic of this challenge.

I am listing the 12 sewing challenges here for those who can't be bothered to shift to other site!

2010 List of Challenges!

  • January - Something for me
  • Feburary- Something in Knit fabric
  • March- a softie!
  • April- something lined
  • May- enclosed zip
  • June- something self designed or drafted
  • July- somthing with pleats
  • August- hand embroidery/ smocking
  • September- bag
  • October- refashioned (visit an op shop and create something new)
  • November- Christmas tree
  • December- sharpen your skills
Looks like a good fun?

Cheers till later, peeps!

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