Jan 3, 2010

"Antique" clothes and laces

Years ago (probably only 3 or so actually) my MIL gave me a few bagful of 'old stuff' and last weekend I had a ball going through them. Of course I took photos to show what I've inherited! All are most likely to be over 35 years old...

Very old and abit discoloured boys overall - MIL sew this one up, I think (have to check with her!). Sorry, didn't iron any because I need to wash them before ironing them - and I am too afraid to wash them!!! Any advice or tips?

(NOTE: Edited comments are in italics)

My MIL informed me she did make this overall from a pattern for her baby sons. This put those baby outfits to over 40 years old!

Here it is:

Here's the beautiful thick knitted outfit, including panties!

Cap and overalls:

Apparently, the three items (Jacket, Cap and overalls) were knitted by someone from overseas as a gift for MIL's first baby. Her father, who travelled, lost his luggage for 6 months which included those knitted items - hence didn't get much wear. She said it was so finely knitted.

Lovely jacket:

The blue knitted slippers were done by MIL's mother for her baby.

In one of the bags, I found heaps of old laces and buttons! I've just shown the laces - some are adorable and others need to be washed to take yellowing and smell out. Any idea how to do it without ruining the lacy ribbons?

My DD really loves this one and wanted to use it on her dress, but I am not sure how I do it and what is its actual purpose - any idea?

MIL said she had no idea but that she was given this years ago. I've done online search for this and found nothing - would it have been used as 'shawl'? If you ever come across similar, please do let me know.

And I found this cute sunshine dress - unfinished for a toddler, but am going to convert it into a top (with some of laces above) for my DD as it fits her!

MIL informed me that she made this for her daughter but was not able to finish it so it looks like it will finally get to be worn by the intended daughter's niece about 40 years later! How's that for a record of a dress waiting to be worn...

Close up of the print - so brilliant colours!

Cheers till later, peeps!


  1. i soaked my pieces of lace in napisan then gentle wash hung up to dry,they look as good as new,most likely you can do the same with other pieces,i have used napisan for old pieces of needlework then gentle wash laid on towels to dry
    the black lace work looks like what they use to call bib pieces or bib necklaces,a lot use to sew them on with removable clips to dress up different outfits

  2. by the way the yellow top is divine,lucky dd

  3. Thanks heaps, luvin! Gotta buy some Napisan then or ask my sister to bring one for me heh. Will see how I go then.

    Thanks re info on bib piece - looks like a challenge for me!