Aug 8, 2010

Doggy Bed made up!

Yeah, we got our latest puppy, named Brumby - she's only 11 weeks old now. The bed here I made was for her and our older dog Tassie to share when Brumby is ready to graduate outside (sleeping, etc) probably next week.

It is almost big enough for two of them to share.

What I did is to buy a sheet of fleece with paw prints from Spotlight for 12 dollars (I get two covers out of it and probably a small doggy sheet as well) and an European pillow ($10 from Big W):

Being anal, I decided to make the pillow doggy friendly by sewing 5 'holes', for wanting of better wording here, to balance or even it out. I just sew the short ends in and have the short ends overlapped about 10 cms and sew the long edges together:

As you can see, it fits in quite well, with enough movement for the dogs to 'dig' around on pillow!

Brumby really liked it - Tassie was a bit cautious with it but I think once it is outside, both will hog it all the time except in Summers, of course!

More sewing projects that was done before will be posted here next...

Sew stay tuned, peeps!

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