Aug 8, 2010

Notebook Cover

One day I decided that I'd sew a cover for notebook - I carry one in bag almost all the time for the ease of communication and write down ideas, etc.

Here I tried making piping cord for the first time as well sewing on the velcro and design the whole thing out from start without any particular pattern but an idea that has been brewing in my brains for a while. I wrote out how I'd like it and measured everything a few times over before I started working out how much materials I'd need for it. I also wrote out the steps how I'd do it... can do it in as tutorial here easily lol!

I found the cute apples fabric from Lincraft last year and used what I've got here to create the rest of it.



With the flap open - you can see I created a pocket for my favourite type of pen to go in:

Opened notebook - I created pockets on both sides:

In all, it was a challenging project for me, sewing in the piping bit into this without ruining the size of it. It was a bit tight squeeze for the corners so this is where I'd go back on drawing board if I am to create another one anyway. I'd put interface in the pockets to keep it sturdy.

However I am pretty happy how it turned out. Not bad for a newbie, eh?

Cheers till later, peeps!


  1. That's a gorgeous notebook cover. You're very clever.

  2. Thanks herby! I also enjoyed how you've done with your sewing!