Jun 29, 2011

Skirt done!

As per the Sewing Book Challenge in previous post, I've completed the skirt I set out.

Here my happy girl's wearing it - she already make dates on wearing the skirt to, etc. Cute.

Full of smiles, eh?
back of skirt

close-up details

My tag "Chookie."

Twirling the skirt time
Comments about making this skirt:

1. I won't make it again in a hurry although I might with lighter fabrics - it is much more complicated for a 'beginner'. Also it is not so visual enough for me to see where things could be going at.

2. I think the author was trying to cram in too much info and not enough clear steps and possible ideas or tips in each pattern.

3. It was my first time using velvet fabric and didn't realise it would be so stretchy and shed so much. It took me much longer to get the top skirt done, compared to the underskirt.

4. My girl had so much fun choosing bits to decorate her skirt. All those ribbons were the cut-offs from the clothes - you know those the shops use to hang clothes, etc. Not wasted here, eh? The little hearts were felted and beaded, I got them from Spotlight on special a while back and now they're on her skirt. I refused to go shop to buy anything to add to construction of this skirt - quite determined to use what I've got around here.

5. My girl's already eyeing a jacket and a shirt from the book - so I might make them one day later in the year as I am not keen on going back to that book. heh.

What do you think?

Cheers till later!

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