Jun 19, 2011

You sure it's June already?


Oh well... My excuse is that I blinked... would you accept that? :D

Anyway, I've been surfing, creating, cleaning, planting, dreaming, reading and such for few months. And I'm working on a skirt for Jackie and this comes up in a good time cos of this:

Basically the Challenge is to use up a pattern or idea from each sewing book we've got on the shelf every month to make it worthwhile to keep that book on shelf.

What do you think? Could I do it?

Well at the moment, I've got this book:

{image from Amazon.com}

And I've picked a skirt pattern called Insa Skirt which is double layered skirt for my girl. When it's done, I'll take a photo of it. Looks great at the moment anyway.

I will make a tutorial next week on a pouch I made other month and another tutorial on a sandwich bag I created last year to sell at a market which didn't sell as well as I thought, but my kids and I love them. Go figure!

Cheers till later!


  1. That is the loveliest skirt I have seen. You are surely talented Darls.

  2. oops I meant to comment on the post of the skirt you made - doh!